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A Place of Splendor

Heaven is mention in the Bible (KJV) 551 Times

In Revelation Heaven is described as an unimaginable place of Splendor...

 Revelation 21:18
The construction of its wall was of jasper; and the city was pure gold, like clear glass.
Revelation 21:17-19 (in Context) Revelation 21 (Whole Chapter) 

Gold is considered a precious metal, and it is selling at an all time high, but instead of bricks & mortar, the Kingdom of our Lord is made from pure Gold.

There was an old movie that showed a man dying of thirst in the dessert and he had a Gold bar, then came a couple and he reachout and offered them the gold bar in exchange for a drink of water... the girl said to her friend, look he is offering us this piece of metal in exchange for a drink of water, he apparently believes that there is value in what he is offering.  

The movie went on to explain that gold was no longer a precious metal, and after the dying man was given a drink of water, he explain that he had stolen the Gold bars and was in prison for a very long time, but when he was released he went where he hid the Gold not knowing that it was just a another piece of metal.  There was another story about a prisoner that also robbed a bank, and upon his released from prison he called a Taxi and went to where he had hidden the loot, then he said to the cab driver, "I have to make a call, stop so I may use a pay phone, they stopped and he got out, dialed the operator and the operator (a computer voice said please deposit ten thousand dollars for the 1st 3 minutes, here was a guy that stole money that could probably make ten phone calls. This is a radical view of inflation, as the money he stole had lost its value, and in the case of the Gold Bar, it is also is a vicious example that crime does not pay... I believe our Lord looks at our offering just like the case of the Gold being offered for a drink of water.... as on the Day of Our Lord, when His Grace expires, those condemned would reach into their bag and offer a Gold bar in exchange for Life in a Place of splendor, a place made with Gold and filled with the Joy of our Lord's presence, and money cannot buy us a passage to His Kingdom.  Only by coming and in Faith accepting our Lord Jesus can one be saved and be redeemed to a Life of everlasting Joy.

More to come...